Business Advisory Services


Implementing change in business requires experience, expertise

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Change is inevitable – whether we like it or not.

We can shrink from change and let it control our business or we can embrace it and ride the opportunity it creates.

Sherman and Armbruster Business Advisory Services is designed to help your business take advantage of the opportunities in a sea of change and manage the stress by providing you with clear plans and definable goals.

How We Help

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Contact Sean Miller at 317,881.6670 if you or your business need:

Strategic Planning

  • Acquisition
  • Expansion
  • New Markets and Products
  • Regulatory Landscape

Succession Planning

  • Generational Succession
  • Management Buyout
  • Financing and Tax Planning
  • Customer Acceptance
  • Technology Transfer (Patents, Trademarks, Know-how)
  • Due Diligence

Management Consulting

  • Process Improvement
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Production and Asset Management
  • Financial Controls
  • Quality Controls
  • Document Controls

About Sean Miller

Contact Sean at 317.881.6670 or click here to email him.